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The Best Lipstick Ideas from Anytime Makeup

Thinking which lipstick to choose? Below are some of the ideas that may help you select the perfect lipstick for you.

Lipstick for Long Lasting Wear

Lipstick for long lasting wear is ideal for those who don't want to worry about reapplying their lipstick throughout the day. These lipsticks are designed to stay put for hours, even through eating and drinking. They come in a variety of formulas, from matte to glossy and often contain special ingredients that help them adhere to the lips, such as silicones and waxes. For those who lead busy lives or want to look their best all day, long-lasting lipstick is a great option.

Lipstick Matte vs. Sheer

The question of which lipstick matte or sheer to choose will depend on the look that you are going for and the occasion. Matte lipsticks have a more opaque and intense finish that stays on for longer, making them ideal for events that require long-lasting wear or a dramatic look. However, they may be less comfortable and can emphasize dryness or fine lines on the lips. Sheer lipsticks, on the other hand, provide a more natural and subtle look that allows the lips to show through. They are often more moisturizing and comfortable to wear, but may require more frequent reapplication. 

Liquid Lipstick Matte vs. Sheer

The liquid lipstick matte trend has continued to be popular in Australia. This type of lipstick is designed to provide a highly pigmented and opaque finish with a liquid texture that dries down to a matte or glossy finish. Liquid lipsticks are typically more transfer-proof and have longer wear time than traditional lipsticks, making them a great choice for special occasions or all-day wear. Ultimately, the choice between matte and sheer lipstick comes down to personal preference and the occasion.

Best Liquid Lipstick Tips

To ensure a flawless finish, it's important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips beforehand, as liquid lipstick can sometimes emphasize dryness and fine lines. Additionally, using a lip liner can help prevent bleeding and ensure a clean and precise application. When applying the liquid lipstick, start from the center of your lips and work your way outward, using a steady hand and a light touch. Finally, be sure to let the liquid lipstick dry completely before eating or drinking to avoid smudging or transferring.

Best Lipstick Red or Pink Colour?

Red and pink are two of the most popular lipstick shades. Red lipstick is often associated with classic glamour and boldness, while pink lipstick is usually viewed as more youthful and playful. Both shades can complement a variety of skin tones and outfits, but the key is to find the right shade for your skin tone and personal style. Red lipstick can make a statement and add a touch of sophistication, while pink lipstick can give a fresh and vibrant look.

What are Nude Lipstick Colors?

Nude lipstick shades are the perfect complement to any makeup look, providing a subtle and sophisticated finish. The natural and neutral tones of nude lipsticks create a flattering and understated look that is perfect for any occasion. From light beige to dark taupe, there is a nude shade to suit every skin tone and preference. Nude lipsticks can be worn alone for a simple and effortless look or paired with bold eye makeup for a stunning contrast.

Best Lipstick Dry Lips - Tips and Ideas

If you have dry lips, it's important to choose a lipstick that will hydrate and nourish your lips while providing long-lasting color. Look for lipsticks that contain moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E, or coconut oil. Avoid matte lipsticks, which can be drying, and opt for creamy or satin finishes instead. Another option is to use a tinted lip balm, which will provide a subtle hint of color while also moisturizing your lips. Remember to exfoliate your lips regularly and apply a lip balm before applying your lipstick for best results.

Lipstick Shades for Dark Lips

If you have dark lips, you may want to consider certain lipstick shades that will complement your natural lip color. Deep berry tones, burgundy shades, and rich plums are all excellent choices for darker lips. Shades with a blue undertone can also make dark lips appear brighter and more vibrant. For a more natural look, try a warm nude or a soft pink. Avoid pale shades that may wash out your complexion and choose colors with a rich pigment that will provide a pop of color. Experiment with different shades to find what works best for you and your skin tone.