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Max Factor Lipfinity Rising Stars Liquid Lipstick

Max Factor Lipfinity Rising Stars Liquid Lipstick

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Description: Step into the spotlight with Max Factor's Lipfinity Rising Stars Liquid Lipstick. This range is more than just color; it's a declaration of brilliance. Crafted for those who seek to shine, Lipfinity Rising Stars offers a fusion of intense, long-lasting color and unparalleled shine.


  • Vibrant Liquid Formula: Dive into a liquid formula that delivers high-impact color in a single swipe, ensuring your lips are the center of attention.
  • 24-Hour Stay: Designed for longevity, this lipstick promises a fade-resistant and smudge-proof finish that lasts all day and night.
  • Moisture-Rich: Infused with hydrating ingredients, it ensures your lips remain moisturized, preventing the dryness often associated with long-wear lip products.
  • Precision Applicator: The specially designed applicator ensures a precise and even application, giving your lips a professionally done look.
  • Diverse Shade Range: From sultry reds to subtle nudes, there's a shade for every occasion, mood, and skin tone.


  • Dual Action: Experience the combined benefits of vibrant color and lip care, ensuring you look and feel your best.
  • Transfer-Resistant: Enjoy worry-free wear, as this lipstick resists transferring, ensuring your color stays put.
  • Enhanced Lip Texture: With its hydrating properties, expect smoother and softer lips with regular use.

How to Use: Start with clean, exfoliated lips. Use the precision applicator to outline your lips, then fill in for a rich, even color. Allow a moment to dry for a finish that lasts all day.

With Max Factor's Lipfinity Rising Stars Liquid Lipstick, let your lips do the talking and shine like the star you are.

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