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Maybelline Hydra Moisture Extreme Lip Pencil

Maybelline Hydra Moisture Extreme Lip Pencil

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Maybelline Hydra Moisture Extreme Lip Liner provides smear-proof colour coverage.  Infused with a blend of natural waxes and emollients, this lip pencil glides on smoothly, delivering intense hydration and a pop of color that stays put for hours. The retractable design makes it easy to use on-the-go, while the precise tip allows for a flawless application every time.



  • Intense pigmentation: This lip pencil comes in a range of bold and vivid shades that provide intense color payoff and make your lips stand out

  • Smooth and easy application: The smooth and creamy texture of the lip pencil glides on easily, ensuring a flawless application.

  • Long-lasting wear: Maybelline Hydra Extreme Lip Pencil is designed to provide long-lasting wear, so you can enjoy bold and vibrant lips all day long.

  • Moisturizing formula: Maybelline Hydra Extreme Lip Pencil contains a moisturizing formula that keeps your lips hydrated and prevents them from drying out
  • Versatile: This lip pencil can be used on its own as a lip color or as a base to intensify the color of your lipstick
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