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Revlon Photo Ready Mist: Prime, Perfect, Preserve

Revlon Photo Ready Mist: Prime, Perfect, Preserve

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Introducing the multitasking marvel from Revlon – the Photo Ready Prep Set Refresh Mist. This innovative spray plays three pivotal roles in your beauty regimen. Start with a spritz to prime your face, ensuring a smooth canvas for makeup application. Once your look is complete, seal it in with another mist to set everything in place. And as the hours wear on, refresh and rehydrate with a quick spray, maintaining that just-applied glow. Infused with ingredients designed to soothe and rejuvenate the skin, this mist not only ensures your makeup stays flawless but also gives your skin a gentle boost of hydration.

  • Multi-use formula: primes, sets, and refreshes
  • Lightweight mist ensures even coverage
  • Locks in makeup for long-lasting wear
  • Rehydrates and rejuvenates skin throughout the day
  • Step out with confidence, knowing your makeup is set
  • Reinvigorate your look with a single spray
  • Feel the luxury of a spa-like treatment every time you refresh
  • Relish in the empowerment of being photo-ready, anytime
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